Nobeí is a boutique event planning firm, dedicated to curating memorable and innovative experiences that are custom designed to meet our client's needs and aesthetics. We specialize in planning “Pop Up” parties, large branded corporate events, entertainment industry functions, fundraisers, parties with a purpose and everything in between. 

Nobeí offers a unique twist to the traditional event planning space, by specializing in themed “Pop Up Parties”. Our events cater to busy working professionals, who want to make the most of their leisure time.  From the location selection and design to the top of the line service and delectable cuisines, an invite to a Nobeí Pop-Up Party is a once in a lifetime experience.

In addition, Nobeí plans collaborative social adventures for busy professionals and passport enthusiast, who share a zest for adventure and fine dining.


Ebony Shanks
Director of Events


Ebony is the quintessential Southern Belle from Alpharetta, Georgia and a graduate of Howard University. Upon graduation, she headed to Hollywood and honed her organizational and production skills in the rigorous television industry.

A force in her field as a Television Producer & Production Manager, Ebony has  successfully produced daytime talk, reality, and award shows. Some of her most notable shows to date were: The Queen Latifah Show, Fab Life, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef and the Grammy's. While working in Hollywood, she also garnered attention as an Event Planner and has successfully planned numerous parties for television shows and live events.

Since her departure from television, Ebony has produced large-scale branded events for professional sports teams, nonprofits and fortune 500 companies nationwide. In addition, she specializes in Engagement Marketing for large corporate clients and has planned and executed numerous live events including: activations, expo’s and festivals.

In her spare time, Ebony is a fitness fanatic who loves yoga and other outdoor activities, such as: hiking, long distance running and playing tennis. She also enjoys traveling abroad and experiencing new cultures.

Marie Shanks | Project Manager | Event Producer

Marie Shanks has degree in Accounting and Finance from Hunter College (CUNY), is certified as a Professional Project Manager, (PMP) and has worked Information Technology as a Product Owner.  She leverages her diverse set of skills in Project Management, Finance and Information Technology to ensure that Nobeí’s events are delivered: within scope, on time and on budget.

In addition her business acumen, Marie has been a consummate party planner and has always found a reason to throw a party. She has been an Event Producer for over 10 years on numerous engagements, such as: corporate events, engagement marketing events, weddings and sweet 16 parties, just to name a few.

Amber Williams | Event Designer

Born and raised in Macon, GA, Amber Williams is an Event Designer with a natural eye for innovative design. Amber attended Georgia State University and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 2013 which heightened her analytical thought process and is now pursuing her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management.

Throughout her educational career, Amber has pursed and achieved the lead on several large events; ex. Galas, University Special Events Teams, etc. Recently, she has delivered beautiful tablescapes for high end private dinners and themed special occasions. She specializes in taking the inspiration of her clients and elevating it to a fantasy fulfilled; a dream come true. She is currently the owner and Chief Creative Lead of BeauTies Events Design and Draping LLC where she offers all aspects of event design services. She prides herself on offering “not just another pretty floral arrangement” but, strives for pioneering designs that will awe and inspire guests.


Décor design

Theme Development

Overall Concept

Event Branding

Accommodation and Travel Management

Site Selection

Venue Liaison

Venue Contract Negotiation

Production Schedules

Onsite Event Management



Menu Development



Realizing, that business relationships aren't formed exclusively in the boardroom, Nobeí  can customize a corporate event to help solidify that relationship. We can also help you throw that well-deserved holiday party, celebrate a tough project or simply smooze prospective clients.

Let Nobeí help strengthen your relationships!



Nobeí believes that the element of surprise is the perfect touch to having a successful event. Imagine getting dolled up for the night, and being whisked away to a secret destination. Upon arrival, you are blown away by the unique decor, fine dining, superior service and lively entertainment.

Our “Pop Up” parties are the perfect way to impress any guest and includes: a surprise venue, private chef and unique decor.

Let Nobeí wow your guest with a “Pop Up” party!



Premiere parties, launch parties, wrap parties, you name it - We can make it happen! The Nobeí team has over 15 years behind the scenes experience in Television Production, and knows how to make your function a true success. We are familair with your target audience and have the Television industry knowledge to bring your production to life.

Sit back, relax and let Nobeí entertain you!



Television and Film Makers! Are you in a hurry to create a faux wedding, cocktail, anniversary party, etc. for an upcoming scene? We can make that happen! Nobeí has produced hundreds of faux events for television and film sets.

Sit back, relax and let Nobeí do the heavy lifting!